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Aqua Engineering specializes in creative solutions for new product development. To that end, we have built a prototyping paradise for the most challenging R&D projects:

  • Machine shop with CNC mill and turn capabilities
  • Critically useful industrial tools and fixtures to inspire and inform manufacturability
  • Electronic circuitry and wiring harness lab
  • 3D Printing farm
  • Laser and optics lab
  • Casting in silicone, resins, foam, and metal
  • Large inventory of stocked materials

Core Services

Factory Automation
Specialized machinery design, sensor integration, and data gathering for industry.
Consumer Products
Everyday consumer items require maximum value to meet modern price targets. Let us cross-pollinate ideas from diverse industries to meet new levels of value in your next big idea.
Machine Learning and Edge Computing
With the continuous evolution of microcontroller technology from the early 2000s to signal processing and now neural architectures, we are at the forefront of implementing solutions that offer unprecedented computing power. Our mission is to lead you through groundbreaking applications that empower your electronic devices with the vast knowledge of humanity.
Medical Devices
We often work with peers who are bringing medical devices to market. Our niche has often been to support these teams in early stage R&D through prototyping and test fixturing.
Health and Wellness
Whether it's a wearable sensor or weight lifting equipment, let us build your prototype... then build your first hundred units!
We have over twenty years experience implementing the smallest of computers - the microcontroller - into electronic applications.
Food and Beverage
Today there are a lot of mouths to feed. This requires machinery, process equipment, sensors, and all manner of novel component parts. We will solve your challenges and keep your revenue flowing.
Water Carbonation
True to our name, we have an extensive history in water carbonation. With a portfolio of trade secrets, industry know-how, and fluidics reference designs to leverage, let us bring your next big soda idea to life!
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